Frig + 26 to +39, freezer -20 to =20

by David Sharpe
(Grain Valley, Missouri USA)

I have a Frigidaire Royal refrigerator model F44Q22JTW0 that takes to long for the warm up in the refrigerator, so the freezer warms up to +20 degrees.

I replaced the cold temperature control and had the same problem. Discovered on the wiring diagram that there is a heater for the cold control, which just happens to be a part of the wiring harness and costs about $91.

Is there a generic heater that is usually used in refrigerators that use a cold control heater? The price of the whole wiring harness is prohibitive.

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Hi David,

Do you have the part number for the heater because I looked on the parts breakdown and didn’t see the heater you are talking about?

Was it called a mullion heater? If so that heater doesn’t have anything to do with your problem.

What you are describing sounds like what a refrigerator would do if used in an unheated environment (such as a garage) in cold weather. Is this the case?

Thank you,

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Mar 15, 2011
Frig + 26 to +39, freezer -20 to +20
by: David Sharpe


That is the problem. The part is not shown on any parts list on any site on the internet that I have seen. But, the part is indicated on the wiring schematic and I physically can see it when I look in the refrigerator.

A clerk at Dye Appliance in Lenexa, Kansas said he went to the Frigidaire site and found the cable and could see the heater in the picture.
I will describe it and if you want, I could take a picture of it. It is wired into the connectors that connect to the cold control. It is covered in shrink tubing and the tubing appears about 3 1/2 inches long. Feeling the section, it appears the heater is about 1/2 inch in length and approximatly 1/4 inch in diameter.
I plan on metering it tomorrow and remove it from the circuit if defective, as it is ineffective in its present state.

I believe the purpose of the heater is to speed up the warm-up cycle of the refrigerator so that the freezer doesn't have time to warm up past zero degrees farenheit.


Mar 15, 2011
by: Shawn/admin

Yes, see if it has continuity across it. If it is open then you know it is bad.

Most if the time this type of heater is an add-on (optional) and used for refrigerators in cold environments. Although, I cant say for sure on your model. Again is your refrigerator in a cold environment?

Mar 15, 2011
Frig + 26 to +39, freezer -20 to +20
by: David Sharpe

Well so much for that theory of the problem. The heater is not optional on this model refrigerator. We used it in the kitchen for about 7 years and when the frig in the partially heated garage went belly up, we bought a new one for the kitchen and moved the older one out of the kitchen, into the garage. Been working fine there for 3 years until now.
I checked the heater and it was good. I opened the shrink tubing and found that it is a 15K wire-wound resister. That should help anyone who might suspect that that is their problem on another refrigerator.
Out of ideas why the freezer can't stabilize at "0" degrees. If anyone wants pictures, I took one of the heater before and after opening.

Mar 15, 2011
by: Shawn

The compressor could be short cycling. Check to make sure the fan next to the compressor is running and make sure the coils under the refrigerator are clean.

I understand the fact that it has been working for 3 years but what you describe in your first post is how refrigerators typically act in cold environments (below 40 degrees).

Mar 16, 2011
Frig + 26 to +39, freezer -20 to +20
by: Anonymous

Everything is very clean as far as fan blowing on clean condenser. My garage on the coldest days stays at 45 degrees farenheit or above. I have a furnace vent into the garage which I keep only part way open.
I am to the point now where I am going to change out the cold control again. When I did it before, I didn't know there was that heater for the cold control and didn't lay it next to where the capillary tube enters the cold control. They apparently lay it in that position to speed up the warm-up cycle and I didn't put it where it belonged, when I changed it out. When it didn't fix the problem, I changed the control back to the original cold control. Bad move on my part.
We'll see what happens next.

Mar 16, 2011
Sounds good!
by: Shawn

Yes, try that because position of the capillary tube is very important especially since you have the heater evolved. Even if there wasn?t a heater anytime you replace a cold control you must re-route the capillary in the exactly as the old one. In your case you must also put the heater back where it belongs as well.

I hope it works for you this time!

Mar 21, 2011
Frig + 26 to +39, freezer -20 to +20
by: David

Well, it did not fix the refrigerator. I have tried all that I could think of to do.
I truly believe, now, that the pistons or whatever is inside the compressor are probably getting worn and can no longer deliver the required volume of refrigerant to the system. That would explain why it takes so long to cool down the refrigerator. In my last logging of the compressor cycles, the compressor is running over 2 hours to cool down the refrigerator.
I reached the end of the line and admit defeat because I am not going to put a compressor in an old refrigerator.
Thanks for following along with me and offering suggestions.


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