fresh foods not cooling

by fredicka
(polk county, fl)

i have replaced the motherboard in this frigde and the thermisters in it to the frezzer is know working right but the fresh food side is not working on cooling the right way what should i do.

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Hi Fredicka,

Please give your model number.

Is this what it was doing when you decided to replace the main board and the thermistors?

Thank you,

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Model number
by: Fredicka

The model number is GSL25JFPABS.

by: Shawn

The very first thing you need to do is look at the doors on your refrigerator. See if the fresh food door is up as high as the freezer. What can happen is the door will drop down to the point that it will no longer make the door switch. When this happens the light will stay on all the time and the damper will always be closed. The refrigerator has what they call a liner protection mode, which closes the damper (blocks airflow to fresh food) when the door has been opened for more than three minutes. If the door is dropped down adjust it back up by turning the adjustment screw at the bottom of the door at the hinge. If the door isn’t dropped down check to make sure the switch is working properly i.e does the light turn off when the door is closed.

If there is nothing is wrong there you will have to determine if the damper is open or closed. If it is closed replace the damper. Assuming the doors haven’t been opened for more than three minutes and the door switch is ok.

If that isn’t the problem you will have to check for an airflow problem. This can be that the fan in the fresh food section isn’t running or ice is blocking airflow. Check to see if the fan in the freezer is working and take the back out of the freezer to see if there is heavy ice blocking airflow.

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fresh foods not cooling
by: Bob Phetbouapha

I have FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATOR almost 11 years old
three days ago my fresh foods not cooling anymore.
for Ice maker and freezer sections are working O.K. I heard the sound fan in Ice maker and freezer sections like hummmmm in fresh food section no fan blowing out at all.
Model: FRS24WSGW5
S/N: LA92808604
Date Made: 07/1999

Please help me to solve this problem I thanks in advance for your time.

Bob Phetbouapha

by: Shawn/admin


Check to see if the fan in the freezer is running. (It most likely is if the icemaker is work fine). But if not, you may have to replace the fan.

You have a damper that cuts off airflow to the fresh food section that will have to be open to get airflow into the fresh food section. An internal thermostat controls this damper. If the damper will not open you will have to replace it.

If the damper and the fan are working you need to check for a blockage in airflow. This can be in the return air duct at the bottom of the freezer, the top (at the damper) or anywhere in between.

Thank you,

I answered your question on the other page as well you only need to respond on one page.

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