freezer wont freeze

by Terry
(Sacramento Ca)

Estate model# TS25AFXKD00
freezer quit freezing after a power shut off of about an hour,bottom fan is running, but air flow in freezer is very low, compressor is warm to the touch

when this happened i turn controls up and it started freezing again but when i returned to regular settings it stopped and would not start again, when it is running i hear relays clicking on an off.


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Hi Terry,

Since you are hearing the relay click on and off we will start with the start relay because that is what I think you are hearing.

On the side of the compressor there will be a start relay and an overload. Remove the start relay and shake it and if it rattles it is bad. If it doesn’t rattle it is most likely ok. There are pictures on this page that will help Refrigerator Won’t Run


Thank you,

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