Freezer not freezing and refrigerator not cooling well

I have a Magic Chef ctn1511aew top freezer refrigerator.

The last few months I realized that the refrigerator doesn't cool too well. For example the milk would get sour very fast, however it still cooled and I was able to use it for less sensitive products.

The same thing was with the freezer. Although frozen things stayed frozen it took very long for it to get frozen in the first place.

I was seeing ice coming from the vents in the back of the freezer so I removed it. But when I read some things from this website I realized that there might be more ice. So I removed the evaporator from the back of the freezer and found a lot of ice on one side of the freezer.

Although I removed the ice I didn't see much improvement in the performance of the refrigerator since this didn;t solve the root of the problem. I wanted to see if the drain needs unclogging but I had no idea where the drain was.

What do you think is causing the ice build-up and the poor performance of the refrigerator and what can I do about it?

Thank You

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The drain being clogged will not have an effect on the freezer section. In any case the drain is located directly under the freezer. If the drain is clogged the pan under the coils will more than likely be filled with ice, if so remove the ice and clean the drain out.

However if you are only seeing ice on one side of the coils then you have a more serious problem. Let the refrigerator run with the cover out of the back and the door closed for about an hour. Keep the door closed the entire time and just let it run. When you open the door after the hour you should see a thin layer of frost along the entire coils. If only part of the coils have the frost then you have a problem with sealed system such as a bad compressor, low on gas, or a clogged refrigeration line (capillary tube). None of which are do-it-yourself problems.

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follow-up question
by: Judy

By cover you mean the evaporator cover in the back of the freezer?

If so when I remove the evaporator cover there is a wire that connects the fan to the freezer, do I disconnect the fan or do I leave the cover within the freezer compartment?

by: Anonymous

Yes, the evaporator cover.

I didn?t realize you had one like that. Just disconnect the wire but be sure to unplug the refrigerator unplug the wire then plug the refrigerator back in. Because sometimes you will get a shock when you try to unplug the plug (trust me) also you don?t want the fan running while you take the back off. Then just close the door and wait.

Is it time to buy a new one?
by: Judy

Hi Shawn

I removed the evaporator cover as per your instructions but did not let the refrigerator run without it yet because this is what I found:

The coils where already covered with a thisn layer of ice (snow) but the right side had thick ice at the end of the coils and also on the upper half of the freezer back surrounding some wires or pipes.

So what do I do now?

Is there any reason to make this test anymore?
Or do I call a repairman?
Or do I buy a new refrigerator?

Thanks for your time


by: Shawn

I say to melt all of the ice and start from scratch. Make sure all of the ice is gone. If the thin layer of frost this covering the entire coils then the compressor is working as it should. One thing you have to watch out for is on some refrigerators the first part of the coils is in front then there is another section on the backside. You have to make sure the frost is along all of the coils. On some models it is hard to tell so look hard.

Another thing you need to look for is an air-leak. If there is an air leak such as a bad door gasket you can get a problem like you describe. Or if at some point the door has been left open overnight.

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