Freezer not cold enough to freeze Ice Cream

by Joanne B.
(Alta Loma, CA)

GE Side-by-side model PSS26MG (approximately 5-6 years old). I think the problem started because the freezer door had been left slightly open for several hours. After that, the freezer began to run constantly and was no longer able to freeze items like bread or ice cream. The left side of the freezer aound the door hinge gets very hot to the touch.

I unplugged the unit overnight so I am not sure if there was frost on the coils as described on this site. I checked the heater and thermostat with an ohm meter as directed and they seem OK. Not sure if I should plug it back in to see if it gets frost build-up. If it doesn't get frost build-up, should I assume that it is the main board?

Thanks! Joanne B.

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Hi Joanne B,

The fact that it gets hot around the door indicates that the compressor is running high head pressure. If the fan next to the compressor isn’t running then you will get this type of problem. Plug in back in and check to see if the fan next to the compressor is running and if not take a look at this page GE Refrigerator Fan Motor

If that isn’t the problem plug it back in and see what happens. It may go back to work because if ice had formed from the door being left opened then has melted by now and you may not see this problem again.

Thank you,

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Apr 09, 2011
by: Joanne B.

Tested the fan supply voltage as shown in your video (see video of test and main board at Got 4vdc at pin 8, 10vdc at pin 5, and -2vdc at pin 4. Condenser fan does not run. Fan inside freezer runs OK. Based on all your material I am planning on changing the main board. Should I replace the fan too? Am I missing anything?

Can't thank you enough for all your help!

Apr 10, 2011
Main Board
by: Shawn/admin

Most of the time replacing the fan and the main board isn’t necessary. However, sometimes the fan will cause the board to fail. If this is the case when you install the new board it will fail very soon (within a few minutes) and you would have wasted the money on the board. Most of the time (my guess is around 99% of the time) when the fan causes the board to fail one of the two resistors in the picture I posted above (also on the fan page) will burn out.

This only thing I am trying to say is by only replacing the board you are taking a risk however most of the time it is not necessary unless you have the burnt resistor.

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