freezer ice door not opening when trying to dispence

by Brian
(Peoria, Illinois)

I have a GE model #GSS25QGMC CC serial # FD229298. Thanks for the informative help on unfreezing the auger motor. Your instructions were precise and it is now working.

Now, since we haven’t used the dispenser in so long, the shute door will hardly open to let the ice fall out. I have tried to spray what springs and hinges I can see with a silicone spray but still will not allow ice to fall. Any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks, Brian

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Hi Brian,

The doors also cause this problem. These doors caused lots of problems for these refrigerators and frankly gave GE a bad name. For the record I love GE appliances but this was not one of there greatest times. What happens is the solenoid that opens the flap will rust up because of excessive moisture.

This time you will have to replace the solenoid to repair the problem but I will not promise you it won’t rust again.

Here is a link to the part I believe is rusted up causing your problem. Soleniod

To access the part you will have to prize the dispenser control off from the bottom. Then remove the housing behind the control. Once all of that is off you should see the solenoid and it will be obvious if it is rusted up. If it is not rusted post a comment and we will go from there. Hope this helps!!

Thank you,

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ice door repair
by: Brian

Okay, I'm going to pick up my solenoid for the ice shute tomorrow at a locol Marcone appliance store. Do you have any other instructions on the disassembly of the door to get at the solenoid? GE frig model GSS25QGMC CC

Any info appreciated!

Accessing The Solenoid
by: Shawn/admin

Its simple just go in behind the dispenser control panel. Just prize the dispenser control panel off from the bottom and it should pop right off. Then remove the housing behind the control panel and you should see the solenoid. You may want to check the solenoid before you purchased it because I am only telling you the most likely scenario. If that is not the problem we will go from there.


solenoid replaced
by: Brian

I have replaced the solenoid for the ice dispencer flapper door. Again your instructions were precise and was quite easy to replace. It was definitely rusted and would not move either way. Thanks to your site I was able to get me ice maker in tip top shape again (auger frozen and then the solenoid replaced).

I will definitely recommend your sight to those who are in need of appliance repair but are afraid to tackle themselves.

Again Thanks!

Brian in Peoria

Sweet Success!!
by: Shawn/admin


I am very glad to hear you got it going and glad I could help!!

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