Freezer compartment freeze then thaw everything in freezer.

by Stu
(Tucson, AZ)

GE GSS25LGMFWW Side by side. The freezer compartment will cool until heavy frost forms on the condensor, then it will defrost everything in the freezer. The fans, doors, compressor all seem ok. With back of freezzer removed can see heater come on and stay on till everything (ice cubes, ice cream, meat etc.) melts then everything runs as normal till next cycle. The freeze thaw cycle seems to be happing more often. Any ideas?

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Hi Stu,

Replacement parts in General Electric GSS25LGMFWW Refrigerator

When you say thick frost do you mean as thick as the frost on the picture on this page? GE Refrigerator Not Cooling Also on that page there is instructions on how to check the thermistors.

The problem is that either it is staying in defrost too long or the length of time between defrosts is too long. There are two things that control the length of the defrost cycle and they are the thermistors and the main board. The length of time between defrost cycles is determined by the amount of door openings and the main board. Here is the thing if the door switch was faulty causing the length of time to be too long between defrost cycles the main board is supposed to recognize that it took too long to defrost and adjust the next defrost cycle to be sooner.

It shouldn’t stay in defrost long enough to defrost everything. Sometimes ice cream will get soft during defrost but nothing else. Note, I am assuming this was going on before you removed the back out the freezer because without the back on the top thermistor will not get hot as quickly so the defrost cycle will be longer.

If the main board for any reason is failing to turn the defrost heater off the defrost thermostat will turn the heater off when it reaches 140 degrees. At which point everything will be defrosted (almost cooked lol).

The defrost heater is only supposed to stay on for 45 minutes regardless of what the thermistors are doing and if it is staying on longer then the board is bad.

I believe the board is bad but you can check the thermistors (see link above).

Also check for air leaks. Air leaks can be from a bad door gasket or the flat in the ice dispenser can be stuck open. If there is an air leak it can cause defrost time to be longer (still shouldn’t melt everything) and shorted between cycles.

Thank you,

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GE freeze thaw freeze
by: stu

Thanks for your help. Turned out to be combination of one bad thermistor and a bad board. So three thermistors and a new board and all is well. Thanks again.

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