Flame won't stay lit

Hi I have a Whirlpool LGR4634JQ0. The flame comes on but goes out after 30 seconds or so, maybe a little longer if the dryer has been off for a while. The more I test it the shorter the time it stays on. I have already replaced the coils with no difference. Could it possibly be the flame sensor?

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You may have a weak operating thermostat but before I replaced the operating thermostat I would first check temperature coming out the back of the dryer with the vent disconnected.

The reason I say this is because it is normal for the flame on stay on for a short time then cycle back on in a minute or so. The dryer should blow out 180-200 degree air out the back of the dryer then stay off until the air gets around 120 degrees. This is a typically dryer cycle.

If the heat coming out the vent is ok but it will not dry clothes check the vent for clogs. If the heat is not ok I would suggest replacing the operating thermostat, which is the thermostat mounted to the air vent. Not the little white thermostat but the other one.

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