FFFU1464DW upright freezer not freezing food

by laurie waldo
(south windsor, ct)

Freezer is only cold NOT freezer cold, nothings frozen at this point. Compressor is on, dial on coldest...what else to do...HELP

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Hi Laurie,

This is a frost-free freezer so there are a number of things that can cause this. First check to see if the fan in the freezer is running and if not more than likely it is bad and needs replacing.

Next look at the bottom ¼ of the back wall of the freezer and if that back panel has a thick layer of frost then you more than likely have a defrost problem. If this is the case remove the back panel to view the coils. If the coils are covered in thick ice then there is a defrost problem.

If this is the case before you melt the ice locate the defrost timer on the back of the freezer near the compressor and turn it clockwise until the compressor cuts off. Then go back to the freezer and see if the defrost heater comes on. If it does you will know soon because you will hear the sound of water hitting a hot surface. If the heater does come on then more than likely you have a defrost timer problem but sometimes you will have an intermitting defrost thermostat problem so you may be better off replacing the timer and the thermostat at the same time.

If the heater doesn’t come on then the problem is the heater or the defrost thermostat, melt the ice and check the heater with an ohmmeter and if it checks ok replace the thermostat and if it checks open or grounded replace the heater.

If the fan is running, the compressor is running and there is not a defrost problem you more than likely have a major sealed system problem that will require a professional to repair or you need to get a new freezer. There is one more thing, if the door gasket isn’t sealing you could get enough hot air into the freezer to thaw the food depending on how bad the door gasket is.

Frost Free Freezer Repair

Thank you,

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