fan quit

there has been a clicking noise coming from around the compressor for a couple of days and today the fan quit.

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What I believe you have going on is the compressor is trying to start and cannot. This is typically caused by a bad start relay. The start relay is located on the side of the compressor. Disconnect power from the refrigerator and remove the start relay. Shake it and if it rattles it is bad. They almost always rattle when they are bad. If it does not rattle it is more than likely ok but it still could be bad.

Ignore this answer if your refrigerator is a GE side-by-side and post the model number. If you need more help please post your model number.

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Nov 01, 2015
Freezer fan clicking
by: Anonymous

The fan in the freezer is clicking therefore freezer is thawing. I have removed fan cover and unplugged the fan. When I plug back in the fan starts. I have had to do this twice in the last 24 hours, what is causing this issue? Thanks

Nov 02, 2015

by: shawn

Replace the fan.

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