Estate Dryer Shuts off after ten min.

by Jeff
(caney kansas)

Hi, my name is jeff my Estate dryer tedx640pq1 shuts off after about ten min, when it cools down it will restart and run again for ten min.
I have replaced motor, timer, all sensors in back of dryer and checked all vents and oiled drum wheels after replacing everything still does the same thing.
There are no shorts and i made sure getting proper electric current, I am at the end of rope here i have a new dryer almost, so what else can i look for that would make it do this My wife is about ready to kill me over this lol


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Hi Jeff,

It is obvious that something is overheating most of the time the motor is what causes this but since it is new we know that is not what is causing the problem.

Run the dryer and see if it is blowing well at the vent with the air duct disconnected. If so, run the dryer with the vent disconnected to see if it still does the same thing. If not check the vent for clogged.

If you aren’t getting airflow at the vent then the blower may be loose or broken. If the blower isn’t moving air then the motor can overheat even if there is nothing wrong with the motor.

Next check the heating element. If the heating element is grounded out it can be heating even when the dyer isn’t calling for heat. If this is happing then the dryer can overheat and cut off. Check for continuity between the heater terminals and ground with the wires disconnected from the heater and if you get continuity the heater is grounded out and needs to be replaced.

All of this is good in theory but they rarely happen because if it is an airflow problem most of the time one of the non-resistible safety thermostats will blow. There could be a loose connection that only looses connection when it heats up but this is a stretch because it wouldn’t be so consistent.

There is another thing but again it wouldn’t be so consistent. If the door isn’t staying fully closed the door switch can be getting turned off.

Thank you,

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