Dyer stops after 10 mins

by jamari pickens
(grand rapids)

I have read other posts and nothing seems to be helping. My problem is that my dyer will run for about 10 mins then shut off, if you try to turn it back on it will make a light buzzing sound and you will smell (what seems like an electric smell) coming from the control panel. Just to be sure i cleared the vent inside and out, got all the lint from the inside, brushed down the motor and even removed all lint under the drum, it has a brand new belt it will still heat up it just will not stay on. tried every thing from other sites any ideas?

1) Its a gas dryer
2) Its a Amana LGA50AW
3) Bought it used it it worked for a month
4) I found a chart of how the control panel was wired and I tried to match it up t as well as I could and nothing changed
5) Before the dryer shuts off it will make a buzz/humming sound

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Here is what I think is happing.

The bearings are bad in the motor. When you start the dryer from a cold start the bearings turn freely, then they heat up and start to slowly lock up. Eventually the motor stops but it still has power so it hums. Now with the motor stuck and not turning the motor will heat up very quickly then the safety switch on the motor will cut off, turning off power to the motor so it stops humming. I have seen this many times.

This is the motor for your motor.


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