dryer wont stay on

by michael

GE electric dryer model dbxr463ed2ww

Dryer starts and runs as long as I hold the switch to the start position. As soon as I let loose of the switch, dryer quits!

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Hi Mike

Here is the to your dryer Parts Breakdown

Two things that commonly cause this are the motor and the belt tension switch (#803 on your parts breakdown). If the belt is broken the belt tension switch will not be pressed and you will get the problem you are describing. If the belt isn’t broken the belt tension switch could be bad. You can check it by testing ohms across it with an ohmmeter if you have one. Do this with the dryer disconnected and the button on the switch pressed in.

If the belt tension switch seems to check out ok you may have a bad motor. There is an internal switch on the motor that sometimes can get lint between the contacts causing your problem. So try cleaning out the motor before replacing. But if cleaning the motor doesn’t work you will have to replace the motor.

For what its worth the motor problem is more common that the belt switch unless the belt is broken.

Hope this helps!

Thank you,

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by: Rick

This was very helpful I would have never figured it out if it wasn't for this description

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