Dryer wont start. Sometimes the light is on and sometimes its not.

by GLENN Weida

The dryer doesnt start. when you open the door one time the light will be on next time it wont. when it is on i will turn the heat dial to a setting and push the start button on nothing happens. I will open the door and the light will be off. not sure what to do next. HELP!!!!! MOD.#WED5100vqo

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Hi Glenn,

Replacement parts in WHIRLPOOL WED5100SQ0 29" Electric Dryer

The two things that most commonly cause this are the door switch and the thermo fuse. The door switch also controls the light so that is where I would start. Sometimes the little lever that activates the door switch will break off so take a look at that.

If that isn’t the problem then the thermo fuse is the next thing. It is located on the back of the dryer on the left hand side. There is a picture on the page below that will help locate it.

This page will help more Whirlpool Dryer Not Running

Thank you,

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