Dryer wont run

by Jeremy
(Memphis, TN)

I have a Kenmore 80 Series electric dryer model number 110.60832990 and when you push the start button the dryer makes noise like it wants to turn on and the drum doesnt spin but when you let the start button go it doesnt come on or stay on and I have changed the timer the starter and the thermal fuse and cant seem to figure out what the problem is.

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Hi Jeremy,

The first thing to do is to check to make sure there isn’t something hung in the fan blade. The best way to do this is to remove the belt and see if the motor will spin by hand. Disconnect the dryer, remove the front of the dryer then disconnect the belt. If the motor will not turn by hand you more than likely have something hung in the fan blade. To access the fan blade open the lint trap and remove the two screws. Then remove the back and remove all the screws that hold the air duct on. The air duct I am talking about is the one that goes from the lint filter to the bottom where the fan blade is. Remove it and unclog the fan blade.

If the fan blade isn’t clogged the motor is more that likely going to be bad. Sometimes cleaning the motor out with compressed air and a vacuum cleaner will repair this. Also they make electric motor cleaner spray and motor lube that you can try. If all of this fails replace the motor.

Thank you,

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May 26, 2012
same problem
by: Anonymous

i have a maytag performa ,,can the repair be the same ..cuz i have the same problem.

May 27, 2012
by: Shawn/adimin

Yes it could be only on your dryer the fan blade is likely accessed from the front.

Nov 24, 2012
My dryer wont turn on either!
by: Miguel

hey i have a general electric dryer that i just replaced the belt because it broke and it was working fine for about an hour but it started smelling like burned rubber alittle then it had the same problem making a noise like it was about to start but it turned off then wont turn on till about half an hour later but still wont start?

Nov 26, 2012
by: Shawn/admin

I think you have a motor problem but you can try two things. One, make sure the fan hasn’t got jammed or something isn’t hung in the fan. Then try cleaning out the motor with compressed air (preferred) or a vacuum. If it still wont run then I would say the motor is shot.

Jul 27, 2013
other potential issues
by: Anonymous

Also check your idler pulley which is what puts tension on the drive belt these can bind up putting excessive resistance on the drive motor causing overheating and belt breakage or motor damage.

Aug 21, 2013
kenmore 80 series
by: Anonymous

I have a Kenmore 80 Series dryer. When you push the start button it makes a clicking sound behind the timer. What exactly does that mean?

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