Dryer wont power up

by Tom
(Chicago, IL)

I went through the system check list and came to the conclusion that the micro computer needed to be replaced . I ordered a new one made the repair and the dryer started up just fine about half way through the cycle it cut off again. Now I'm not sure what to do. Perhaps there is a short somewhere. The part I replaced is the control computer for a Kenmore Oasis the part number is W10111617. .. I'm bummed its getting cold outside and we wont be able to use the clothes line anymore

Thank you

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Hi Tom,

The oasis series is something I have never worked on but what you need to do is check to see if there is a fuse on the board that you replace. If so see if it is blown. If this is the case you will have to find what is shorted out. This can be very tricky but if the fuse is replaceable you can figure it out easy enough. Put it on no heat then try it and if it still blows the fuse the motor is the problem and if it doesn’t the heater is likely the problem.

I assume it has a thermo fuse since it is Whirlpool if so check it before you do anything to the board.

The model number you gave didn’t come up, recheck it and post it and I will see if I can find anything else on it for you.

Thank you,

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Part number
by: Tom

Thanks Shawn,
I'm looking at the bill of lading and wondering if they sent the wrong part but it matched up perfectly to the unit. However, the part I ordered was supposed to be W10118244. When I replaced the unit it fired up perfectly and I started a dry cycle, it heated and everything was O-ok and then it quit about 20 minutes in to the cycle. The motor is fine and heating elements are fine. It's the darn control panel that won't power on. I checked the one fuse I found and it looked good but its behind a blue shield and I may need to open it to be sure.
Thanks for looking into it Shawn

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