Dryer will not turn

when I press the start button the dryer will not stay on and if I hold the button the dryer does not start turning.

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I am going to need a model number to tell you for sure but some dryers have a belt tension switch. If the belt is broken the belt tension switch will not let the dryer run but on some models the motor will run as long as you have the start switch engaged. So check the belt first and if that isn’t the problem let me know and we will go from there. Also if you need more help please leave a model number.

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by: Anonymous

PDET920AYW is the Model # The belt is not broken when I push the button it make a humming noise like it's starting up and the heat is working.

That model doesn’t have the belt tension switch.
by: Shawn/admin

It sounds like the motor is trying to start but can’t. The only thing that doesn’t add up is that you say it heats and it can’t heat unless the motor will run.

If when you press the start button the motor gets up to full speed then turns back off when you release the start button I believe the switch in the motor is bad, which would mean you would have to replace the motor.

If when you press the start button the motor hums but will not turn the first thing you need to check is the blower wheel. If something is hung in the blower wheel the motor will not turn. If that is the case the motor will hum but not turn then when you let off the start button it will cut off. Only thing is the heater will not come on if the motor isn’t starting.

I hope this helps!

model# mde3706ayw
by: vet

i hear the dryer on but the tub is not turning.... where do i find the switch

Belt Broken
by: Shawn/admin

If you hear the motor running but the tub isn’t turning then most likely you have a broken belt.

Unplug the dryer and remove the front of the dryer. Then there is a support you have to remove to get the new belt on. Slip the new belt on and rotate it so that you will know that it isn’t twisted. Then reach under the drum to connect the belt. There may be an access panel on the back so you can see what you are doing while connecting the belt.

speed queen agm499l2
by: Anonymous

Dryer turns on, heats up, the drum.turns but will shut off after some time. I cant restart it, it makes a buzzing noise,then the buzzing noise on timer even stopped. Its silent..well u can hear something. Also when i started it, it was loud but the noise stopped. But thags when i first did it. What can it be?

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