Dryer shuts off numerous times during drying cycle

by Darryll
(Fort Myers, FL, USA )

I have a GE model # DRSR495EG0WW dryer. When I put clothes in it to dry it heats up nicely but shuts off numerous times during drying cycle. After it sits for a few minutes, I hit the start button and it starts back up. It doesn't matter how many or what type of clothes are being dried, it still shuts down every few minutes. It seems to be getting worse.

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Hi Darryll,

Replacement parts in General Electric DRSR495EG0WW Electric dryer

It sounds like the motor is overheating. A bad motor could cause this or if the motor is covered with lint the lint could cause it to overheat. Try cleaning the motor and see if that helps if not I believe you have a bad motor. There is a chance that there is a loose connection or a weak connection in the timer but the problem you are having is typically related to the motor overheating.

Thank you,

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same problem ;(
by: Anonymous

I am having the same problem. I took apart my dryer and vacuumed all the lint out of it. There wasn't much on the motor, but a lot in front of the blower on the door. This was a much bigger job than I though. So, got it all put back together and the first two cycles it did okay on. Only stopped once when it was almost through the cycle. Now we are back to every few minutes. What do I check next?

Bad Motor
by: Shawn/admin

You more than likely have a bad motor.

Thank you,

It worked
by: Katie

My dryer was having the same problem. My husband took it apart and I cleaned it out, now it works great. Thanks for the help!

Hot dryer shut down fixed
by: Anonymous

My GE electric dryer would shut down when it got hot. Replaced the motor--no help. I studied the schematic diagram & found something called the Hi Limit Thermostat which could cause this problem. Replaced it and no more problems.

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