Dryer runs without having to push the start knob. It also runs when the door is open.

Admiral dryer (Model# ADE7005AYW).

The dryer starts running when the timer knob is turned without pushing the knob(push to start button). Also, it runs when the door is open. It dries and cycles OK. It's only off when the knob is in the off position. Is the problem the timer or something else?

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Replacement parts in ADMIRAL ADE7005AYW Dryer - Ele

Unless you have something odd like a wire grounded or a loose wire you have two problems. The first thing you I want you to do, is access the door switch and disconnect the white wire. See if the dryer will run with this wire disconnected. If it will not run with that wire off then you know the door switch is bad but this doesn’t explain the other problem. If it will run try taking the light out to see if that makes a difference.

The other problem (assuming it is not the odd grounded or loose wire) is more than likely going to be in the timer.

Thank you,

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Admiral Dryer
by: Anonymous

I did both suggestions and nothing changed. Will a timer solve both issues? On this model the push to start button and the timer knob are the same.

Something is grounded out
by: Shawn

You are going to have to bear with me because this is not a typical problem and I have been looking at the wiring diagram and can’t see one thing that will cause both of your problems. We will get to the bottom of this.

Put the wire back on the door switch.

Disconnect the dryer, and then access the control. I have going to have you disconnect wires and try the dryer. Each time you do so when you are done reconnect the wire and disconnect the next one. After you disconnect secure it so that it cannot touch anything (it will be best to tape it up).

Locate the yellow black wire on the timer and disconnect it. Tape it up and try the dryer. If the condition is the same move on but if it will not run tell me. Disconnect the dryer again and reconnect the wire.

Unplug the dryer again. Locate the temperature selector switch, on the switch there is a white wire, disconnect it. This time you are dealing with a hot wire so make sure it is taped up. Try the dryer again. If the condition is the same move on and if not tell me. Reconnect the wire.

Unplug the dryer. There should be a black wire on the timer motor disconnect it, tape it up and try the dryer. If the condition is the same move on and if not tell me. Reconnect the wire.

Unplug the dryer. Disconnect the buzzer you can do this at the switch that turns the buzzer on and off or at the buzzer. Again hot wire so make sure it is taped well. Reconnect the wire.

I know this all sounds like a weird way to diagnose but I feel like something is grounded out since the dryer runs with the door switch disconnected. So I am trying to find it by process of elimination. See the door switch is supposed to be the only source for neutral, which the motor needs to run. But if something is grounded out the motor could get neutral though ground. Hopefully unplugging these wires will point to what is grounded out. It can be the motor itself.

I hate to see you simply slap on the timer if that isn’t the problem.

Again be safe with this each time you disconnect or reconnect wires unplug the dryer and tape the wire so that they cannot touch. If it does touch it can render the test useless or short out and blow the breaker neither of which we need.

Admiral (Dryer)
by: Anonymous

Model# ADE7005AYW

I disconnected the yellow/black wire from the timer and it did not run.

by: Shawn

At this Point all I can say is the timer is bad.

dryer function with door open & turns off when door is closed.
by: Rob

Shawn: I have a similar problem: dryer runs w/door open and shuts off with door close. I conducted your process of elimination and the dryer runs fine when I remove the white wire from the tempature. However, it does not work when I remove the black wires (2),the yellow and black wires, or the white and black wires. My Moisture control ciruit is burnt.
When I remove the white wire from the door switch, it does not work. I tested my starter for continuty, all of the terminals indicated OOO
OL. Could I have reversed one of the wires on the starter, causing it to reverse the process, or is it meerly the circuit board.

works with door open
by: Anonymous

Shawn: Can the starter be bad and reflect 000 OL on all terminal?

Maytag works with door open
by: Anonymous

Shawn: here is a better description problem including model No.
I am not Certain of the year, but it is a Maytag electric dryer Model No. MDE508DAYW. I change the drum seal on the dryer with a seal and glides purchased from the repair clinic. I installed the drum belt backwards and it started for a couple of seconds and went off. After test all thermal fuses and other parts for continuty I plugged the timer switch wires back in. Everyone is color coded except for the black wires that are attched to starter switch. There is a black lable for three terminals on the switch. I believe that is where I tried to connect them and it blew my moisture control circut. I have since then studied the technical diagram more carefully and I now have the black and yellow wire that are already attached to the switch where indicated on the image of the start switch on the repair clinic website. The switch indicates that the left black wire gets attached to the gray terminal and the right black wire is attached to the terminal above the brown wire. the yellow is attached to the lower part of the three yellow terminals. My dryer is now starting and heating, the problem is that my dryer starts when I open the door rather than when I close the door. I am intersted in buying the moiture circuit board, however, I do not want to blow it again. My primary questions are if I attached the black left black wire on the top gray terminal, do I attached the gray wire on the bottom of the three gray terminals or on the side? What are the difference between the upper, lower, and side terminal for the various color options? Finally, how do I reverse the door switch error? I conducted your process of elimination and the dryer only stops working when I remove the black and yellow wire or white and black wire from the starter switch or the switch itself.

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by: Shawn/admin

When you changed the belt did you have to remove the wires from the door switch? Is so I believe the door switch is wired wrong. On your door switch you should have three terminals marked C, NC and NO. What I think happened is you plugged the wire onto the NC terminal when it should be on the NO terminal. Keep the wire on the C terminal and plug the other wire onto the terminal marked NO

by: Alex

I know it's probably been a while since you've been here but I'm having a problem with my dryer. I've replaced all the fuses and thermostats as the fuses kept blowing. I've finally got everything back together(I actually think the fuses kept blowing because the seal between the dryer cylinder and lint trap had a little bit of play,taking care of that) but now I have the issue where it's running as soon as I turn on the timer regardless of whether the door is open or closed. I've checked the door switch and it still runs when unplugged. I also checked the start button and there is no continuity unless it is pressed. I've checked everything that I can think of. What else should I check or do?

Similar Problem but slightly different.
by: Kerry

My dryer only starts when I shut the door. I still have to put it on a setting and I think it's doing the correct setting when it's running but it starts as soon as I close the door or turn the knob off of Stop.
Also when it isn't running and the door is closed u can hear, what I assume is the timer, running. When u open the door the sound stops. One time when this was happening I moved & squeezed & fidgeted with the "top box thing that holds the timer & start button" (that's the technical term for it) and it stopped making the ticking sound. But that could have been a coincidence, I don't want it to effect the diagnosis if it wasn't really why it happened.
I don't know very much about dryers but my guess would be a bad timer, but I'd rather have a professional opinion. But if it is the timer, is it expensive? If it isn't too hard to install I could probably do it myself.
Thanks for any advice you can offer.

by: Shawn/admin

This sounds more like the start switch stuck.

Starting without start button
by: Anonymous

My whrilpool dryer will start by just turning on the setting dial do not have to push start button but cycle runs normal then shuts off I checked continuity of start switch and its ok

Dryer starts automatically when turning time knob
by: Ricardo

Only problem I have is my dryer starts automatically when I turn the time knob, help

GE Dryer
by: Paul

Don't overthink this or call an expensive repairman until you remove the Start Knob and squirt a little WD40 into the hole. Replace the knob and work a few times then give it a try. Worked for me.

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