dryer runs for 10 minutes then quits. it will restart

by Bobby

y would the dryer stop aftre 10 minutes. it will restart after it shuts down.

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Hi Bobby,

This can be that the motor is overheating. Assuming the controls don’t have to be reset to restart the dryer. When the motor overheats the motor safety switch will cut out then once it cools down it will come back on. If you can get a panel off and run the motor you should hear a distinctive clicking noise coming from the motor when it cuts off then when it cools back down if this is your problem. If you need anymore info please leave your model number.

Thank you,

Comments for dryer runs for 10 minutes then quits. it will restart

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Dryer shuts down early
by: Bobby

I do not need to change the settings just hit the start button. It is a Whirlpool dryer electric model ler5636eq1. Do you think I need a new motor or a switch?

by: Shawn

You will not be able to access the motor and run the dryer at the same time on this model. Run the dryer and stand there until to stops. Then see if it will turn back on as soon as it turns off and if so if so the motor more than likely not the problem. If it will not turn on wait and listen carefully and if you hear a click when you hear the click see if the dryer will start back up. If that is the case you can be reasonably sure the motor is overheating. Try cleaning all the lint off the motor but if it continues to fail replace the motor. You can’t buy just the switch on most motor but the problem is in the motor not the switch.

shuts off early
by: Anonymous

I can restart the dryer right after it stops.

by: shawn

It is odd that it will start right back up. Something is opening up when the dryer heats up. Typically if the motor overload-switch (switch in motor I initially though the problem was) it will take at least 3 minutes for it to come back on.

It is very hard for me to say what this is. I was able to find a wiring diagram for your model and I can say that the thermo fuse will turn the dryer but it is non-reset table so once it blows it shouldn’t come back on.

The door switch can also cut the dryer off but again typically it will not come back on. Unless there is a chance the door is coming open a little and you come back and lean on the dryer to press start.

The timer can also cause this but you say you don’t have to mess with the timer to get it back on so I wouldn’t think this is the problem.

whirlpool estate dryer with the same symptoms
by: mike

My dryer does the same thing.

1. Runs for about 10 to 20 mins.
2. Shuts off before cloths are dry. doesn't matter if the timer is set on auto moisture sense or straight timed dry.
3. can reset immediately after it stops but pushing the start button. Do not need to turn the timer/mode button.
4. Will run after reset for 1 min or 10 mins.

Start relay
by: Shawn/admin

Some models have a start relay rather than a simple start switch. This seems like a likely cause for this problem but when I looked up bobby’s his didn’t have one. Yours might and if you give the model number I can look it up to see. The fact that it turns right back on makes it very hard to diagnose.

same issue
by: Jonny

I have the same problem. I've replaced the motor twice now so that is not the problem. All Thermostats and thermofuses have been replaced. It still the same thing. After 10-20 min the dryer shuts completely down from over heating then after a cool down period it comes back on.

It is a Samsung dv316les/xaa

Frigidaire Dryer
by: Richard

Frigidair model # AE06000ES2 My dryer runs for 10 minutes then it stops, All the leds are are on some of them blinking, Display has an AD. It will restart if you press cancel first, it does not seem to be heating, the air coming out iis cool.

Same prob.
by: Eric G

I too have the problem of my dryer shutting off after running for 20min. I literally watch the timer and it shuts off after 20min. I don't do anything to reset it other than turn the start button on. It starts right back up but will only run another 20 min. I have a GE model# DWSR384GB1WW. I have cleaned the lint trap and the out going vent, what else can I do?

dryer issue
by: christina

My maytag dryer will run for about 3 loads then shuts off and if press start button it sounds like it wants to start but it wont. If you wait 2-3 days dryer will work again? Any thoughts?

Same problem
by: Sue

Model# DPSR610EGWT GE Profile

Mine also quits after 10 minutes, but does not restart immediately, but will in about 10 minutes, and it does restart by only pushing the start button.

We just replaced the front tub gasket, then this started.

whirlpool Dryer
by: RonAnonymous

Dryer will run cycle and shut off. (Clothes are dry)Dryer cools down and then restarts on its on.q

whirlpool Dryer
by: RonAnonymous

Dryer will run cycle and shut off. (Clothes are dry)Dryer cools down and then restarts on its on.q

Check the Drying mode/Moisture sensor
by: artistiq

If your dryer does NOT start right back up, then it might be the motor overheating.

If your dryer starts right back up, then it's not likely an overheating issue as the relay would not allow the motor to start back up.

This could be a few issues:
1) Some dryers have a mode based on dryness like "less dry" or "more dry" and uses mist/moisture sensor to determine when to shut off. When you start the dryer, it may state the default time like 50 min. But if it is a smaller load, it may shut off in 10, 20 min or less than the noted time on the display.

To test this, try a TIME DRY mode and set it to the exact time you need and time it on another device like your phone. If the time aligns, then you're probably good and maybe it was set to dryness mode before.

On a DRYNESS mode, set it and sync with another timer to the time the dryer states on the display (example: 50 minutes). When the dryer shuts off, compare the times and check the clothes. If the clothes are dry, it is likely that your dryer is just running in DRYNESS mode and sensing your clothes are dry.

note: I have a Frigadaire Affinity and the button for the mode has less dry, normal, more dry options. If you set it to normal, it should run the full 50 minutes. On the other options, it will stop when the clothes are dry.

2) A bad mother board - this could be a $200+ repair/replacement. Bad boards create all types of strange issues.

Felt on front door
by: Anonymous

Have the same problem. Noticed the felt needed replacing so i did that. Happened again and once again the felt seal was stretched out. Because its stretched hot air is blowing on thermostats causing it to shut off. Im replacing the entire front panel now $40. Hope it works

ge dryer
by: Anonymous

my dryer rus for 5 to 7 min then shuts off then it wont start for about 2 to 3 min took it apart and there was no lint in or on motor blew it out anyways and ran it again same problem

still shuts off
by: Anonymous

even after cleaning the lint out , it still shuts off in 10 minutes

dryer shuts off
by: Anonymous

I have a GE dryer that is shutting off after 20 minutes. It will restart right away without doing anything but pushing the start button. I have had the repair man out 2 times in 2 weeks. They can't seam to figure it out. They replaced the belt switch the 1st time. It would still only run for 20 min before shutting off. The second time they replaced the timer. I was able to get one load of laundry dry, but then it will shut off again. Now I noticed that when I take the link trap out, it feels wet in there. Can anyone help?

kenmore dryer 90 series
by: mario

i start at 30 minutes drying time in 10 minutes stops i press the bottom and keeps working and sometimes works for 30 minutes no problem please help any idea what could be thanks

mario coluccio

by: shawn

The motor could be overheating. This could be because the vent is clogged or the motor could be covered with lint. In any case check the vent and clean out any lent out the dryer and around the motor.

Dryer Cuts off after 20 min
by: B Pratt

My GE Dryer Model #DWSR483EG9CC is doing this same thing......Runs 20 minutes, then stops. I usually wait about 15 minutes & turn it back on & it will usually get them dry the second time. Has just started doing this, so we checked the vent hose & cleaned it out. All air flow is good. Still keeps shutting down??? My Dryer is 5 year old. I assume something is getting hot, but no smell is coming from it. Please advise. Thanks!

Whirlpool Duet Dryer, shut off in a few minutes
by: Bruce

I just replaced the door switch and clips top and bottom. Still the same problem. Top strike and clip keeps letting go, if you push on the top of the door it will restart. Could the door need re-alignment? Any comments?

by: shawn


It seems like the door hinges are bent or loose.

Door loosens and cuts off dryer
by: Roger

I have same problem. Door loosens and dryer cuts off! Slam door and push in til it clicks and starts right back. Happens many times. What's the fix?

by: shawn

If the door is popping open you have a little plastic clip that hold the door closed. That clip may be broken.

same problem fixed
by: Anonymous

Make sure to check your outside lint trap, mine was packed with lint due to birds nest. Cleaned out dryer working fine now.

Try cleaning the motor
by: Anonymous

My dryer kept shutting off. All lghts were blinking and wasnt heating up. After reading how the motor may over heat , I took a peak inside and found the vent hose had disconnected and the motor was covered in lint. I vacuumed all the lint out and reattached the vent hose and I was back in business.

dryer kept turning off every few minutes
by: Anonymous

My dryer did the same thing. This was the problem -- on the lint filter, there was an invisible film, maybe from the softener, that was blocking air flow. I had to scrub the vent with hot water and dish soap, rinse well, and then it worked. You can tell if this is the problem with this test: Put the lint filter under water, and see if the water beads up on the surface rather than running right through. I read this on the internet, but was surprised that this was the whole problem for us.

Model ade700ayw
by: Anonymous

It run for about 5 min and than stop...let it rest for 1-2min the click noise click and than I push the start button it work...so what's the problem do I need a new motor?


It sounds like the motor is overheating. If it is covered with lint it can overheat so clean off the motor and if that don't work I would say your motor is bad.


Properly mounted heat sensors ie thermostats and fuses, limitors
by: Anonymous

Make sure all heat sensor thermostats, limiters and fuses are mounted properly, some of them are made to stand above opening and others rest inside the opening. These sensors tell the machine what to do, so if they are showing too high a temp a device rescue will stop the machine untill the temp shows within perimeters again this is a failsafe for motors and control boards and will continue untill the sensor problem is resolved. test motor by direct wiring it. unplug harness from motor and hook one side of regular power cord to # 5 motor connector (red and white wire location )and the other to # 4 motor connector (blue wire location) then plug it in and let it run past the point when it usually shuts down if it still happens motor is bad if not a failsafe sensor is failing.

GE dryer model #pcvh565
by: Jody

Dryer stops after a few minute you can press start and it will run again. When cleaning lint trap the lint feels damp?

Hi Jody,

The lint feeling damp indicates to me that the vent is clogged. Check the vent and clean if needed.

Thank you,

Dryer shuts off after being turned on anywhere froi 5-10 minutes after being turned on I can immediately turn it back on as it will do the same thing again it is a Frigidaire affinity front loader dry
by: Anonymous

Dryer shuts off after being turned on anywhere from 5-10 minutes after being turned on I can immediately turn it back on as it will do the same thing again it is a Frigidaire affinity front loader dryer what do you think it could be.


This could be the moisture sensor. It don't sound like it is overheating because it doesn't have at cool off to restart. I am thinking the control "thinks" the clothes are dry. This would be normal for some dryers if there were no clothes in the dryer or they were dry. Moisture sensor "tells" the control how much moisture is in the clothes and shuts the dryer off accordingly. Locate the moisture sensor it is two bars running parallel inside the drum. I have seen the housing cracked between the bars if this is the case replace the housing. Check the connection to the sensor. To check the sensor set your ohmmeter to a high ohms reading and check ohms across the connection to the sensor. If you wet a cloth and place it between the two bars you should get a reading on the ohmmeter. If not replace the sensor.

Thank you,

Dryer problems
by: Anonymous

My roper dryer overheats in about 2 minutes. It then has to cool down before it starts again. If I open the door while running dryer it does not shut down.

Any suggestions

Have cleaned and replaced thermal fuse.


Clean out the vent and clean the lint off the motor. Try blowing the motor off with compressed air or just use a vacuum. If both fail to fix your problem I would say you have a bad motor.

Thank you,

Dryer cutting off after 5 minutes
by: Timothy Abrams

I have a whirlpool dryer about a year old today is first time ever but after 5 minutes it cuts off then I push start and it starts right back up but keeps cutting off and it's the only load done today any help would be appreciated this time I stayed next to it and before cutting off it hesitated a couple times then cut off

Blow the dryer fuzz out
by: Nik

I have a dryer that is 8 yrs old and recently had the same problem. I took my yard leave blower and with the dryer off, blew through the back vent holes. Then took out the clothes filter and blew the built up fuzz from inside and gave it a go. Ran the dryer for a good while without the duct on and no clothes in it. The dryer is working great again. the key here is getting the fuzz build up cleared out of the duct and the machine where the air is blown through. The thermal sensor gets hot because of the build up and the dryer automatically shuts down. Try it...it beats having to buy a new one; just saying it worked for me.

ge dryer
by: Tracey

Hi I am maintenance at apartment complex i have a issue with two of my ge dryer one overheats to the touch and cuts off,when it cools down you can restart.The other shuts down within minutes not hot to the touch ,but you do have to wait maybe five minutes to restart i,ve changed all the thermostats but still the same issue.Would appreciate any thoughts.


Hi Tracey,

Clean it out very good with strong emphasis on the motor and vent. Make sure the vent is clear all the way to the outside. If that don't take care of it there is a chance your motor is bad.

Thank you,

Dryer shuts off after 10 minutes
by: Billy

My Whirlpool Duet dryer was shutting down after 10 minutes. It could be restarted immediately, but would only run for another 10 minutes. This started happening right after I had done a routine cleaning to remove lint inside and out. Im MY case, I had accidentally unplugged one of the moisture sensors (two metal strips on the lint trap inside the door). After reconnecting it, the dryer worked perfectly. That leads me to believe that the issue others are having is related to these sensors. A film can build up on them and they may need to be cleaned. I've read that this can be done with steel wool or sand paper, and only takes a couple minutes. Hope that helps.

Kenmore 400 series
by: Anonymous

Kenmore 400 series. Dryer turns on for 10-30 min and can start it imidiately. Tried both auto dry and timed dry. We live in an apartment complex on the bottom floor. There is little or no lint in the trap the only mod that has been done is that the buzzer wire has been cut (no option to have on or off) and taped with electrical tape to prevent shorting. Any ideas what could be wrong?

Door switch
by: Anonymous

For the one who posted the dryer does not cut iff whrn the door is open, definitely sounds like a faulty door switch or a fault in the wiring of the door switch. If it is a 3 prong door switch, make sure the proper wire is connected on the proper terminal.

GE dryer, stops every 5 minutes ... the solution.
by: Rich C.

I struggled with this one. Actually, it's about lint build up under the removable filter. Fine lint gets through the filter and can accumulate on the outside vent and in the vent tube. These create the same problem. However, the most common obstruction is under the removable filter (when you open the door). Take a flashlight and look down there. Everytime you clean the filter and put it back, you pack the lint below it down onto the inclined tray. ULtimately, it will buildup around the filter and obstruct the flow, and cause heat to buildup.

I just cleaned about 2 years of that stuff out, and the dryer now works like a charm. Strangely, there's no mention of this in the manual. This must be the "repairman's dream" ... show up, tell them you'll have to do some repairs, take out your little vacuum cleaner with a thin nozzle, and suck that stuff up. Indeed, it is difficult to remove. I did it by sticking duct tape on a stick and pulling it out.

Dryer starts and stops
by: Jason

I’ve been experiencing the same problem that’s why I’m here obviously. I think I’ve found the answer. I was reading through everyone’s comments. I tested everything with a multimeter and everything was good. I even blew out the motor and vents, still the problem persisted. Until for some reason I pushed down on one of the big black relays on the power board and the dryer suddenly came on! I said this didn’t just happen so I waited till dryer shut off and pushed relay again and it came on. So I hope this points everyone in the direction of the power board.

Dryer shutting off after 10 minutes
by: Jeremy

I have a Whirlpool dryer model # GEW9250PW1 Serial # MT4607721. I've ran 5 cycles in a row and it runs for exactly 10 minutes than shuts off. I can start it again without any wait time and same thing. 10 minutes than it shuts off. I've also tried all the settings form low to high temperatures but exact same thing. It drys fine you just have to continually start it again which is annoying.


Its overheating, this can be caused by a clogged vent, faulty operating thermostat, or shorted heating element.

Thank you,

Dryer stops and restarts immediately
by: Anonymous

My GE gtdp490ed0ws electric dryer would stop during a cycle, but would restart... 90% of the time. Sometimes, it would refuse, and when it did so, no sound would be made by pressing the start button.

When I opened it up, I found that the felt seal was torn and bunched up. I believe this makes sense as to why the dryer would sometimes be able to restart, as markings indicated that this had perhaps been a problem for a while, and certain parts of the drum where the felt makes contact were buffed smooth, where other parts were more dull. I feel that little discrepancy caused a slight variation of the already-taxed motor's ability to push through that obstacle, creating inconsistencies in its ability to start.

The felt seal is thick 100% wool felt, cut to size. It's available rather cheaply through local appliance parts stores. I had some spare wool carpet pad lying around, so I just cut a strip from that and I was back in business.

This thread is abundant with input, so I figured I'd put mine in, too. Best of luck to you.

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