Dryer not shutting off in More Dry Setting

by melissa
(deltona, fl)

Kenmore 80 series

I got a used dryer. Put it on in the more dry setting. Left for 5 hours. It was still on when I came home. The clothes, were dry, but it never shut off. The place bought it from is trying to say it is fine, that i need to clean my dryer vent. Is this possible?

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Hi Melissa,

The vent being clogged will not cause your problem. If the vent is clogged the timer will advance but the clothes will not get dry. On some models the timer will not advance until the clothes are dry or at least somewhat dry. If the vent is clogged these dryers will run longer but once the clothes are dry the timer should advance and turn off. But in any case you do need to check your vent because if it is clogged or restricted the dryer will not perform as it should and it can be a fire hazard.
The first thing you have to do is to see if the timer will advance in the Timed Dry cycle. If it will not turn off on Timed Dry then the timer is bad.

If it turns off on Timed Dry but will not turn off on More Dry then you have one of two things wrong. One is the dryer is not heating. Even if the clothes are dry the dryer still may not be heating because after five hours of tumbling the clothes will dry anyway. If it is not heating check out this page

Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating

If the dryer is heating then there is a resistor that may be bad. If you have a good enough ohmmeter you can check the resistor. But please note that a lot of ohmmeters will not read high enough ohms to read this resistor. I have two meters and one will read this resistor and the other will not. If this resistor is open replace it. If you don’t have a meter go ahead and replace this resistor because the only other thing is the timer and that is a lot more expensive than the resistor.

Thank you,

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