dryer not heating

by tom

my ge dde7500gblwh is not heating, i have repplaced both heating elements and ohomed out every thermostat on the dryer as well as pulled the motor and cleaned it as well. everything seems to work other than the heat. i can hear the timer working. any help? i also have another dryer doing the exact same thing? i have 120 on each leg of my rec..if it is the switch on the motor can i use one off of another dryer?money is tight as i am laid off right now and i can not afford another dryer or motor.


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If both dryers do the same thing plugged into the same plug then I would suspect the house wiring. I know you say you have 120V on each leg but did you check it with the dryer running? If not do so. What you do is pull the plug out just enough to get the voltage tester on it so you can test with the dryer running. You should get 240V between the two legs and 120V from each leg to neutral. If you get the correct voltage with the dryer off and the voltage goes away when you start the dryer you have a loose connection.

If both dryers are the same brand then you have a chance at using the motor. Make sure it is the same motor before you try to swap motors. You could look up both models to see if they call for the same motor and if so you can use the motor.

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