dryer not heating

by clyde moore
(lou. ky.)

The dryer will run but no heat and also the timer does not move. I have power going in and out of the element. I do not here the blower running either.Could this be a high limit out somewhere?

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Hi clyde,

I don’t recommend checking a heater with a voltage tester unless you are use to using a voltage tester in which case make sure there is 240V coming to the heater. If you do and the heater isn’t working the heater is bad. It is best to test it with an ohmmeter. If it is open or grounded out replace the heater. Be sure to unplug the dryer before testing and disconnect the wires from the heater. If not there may be a bad hi-limit. Test the high limit with an ohmmeter as well and if it is open replace it.

If the blower isn’t blowing then the hi-limit will be a likely thing to be bad. But if the drum is turning the blower is either running or striped out. If it is striped out typically it will be noisier rater than quite. If the drum isn’t turning they you may have broken belt. Make sure the drum is turning and that air is blowing out the vent.

The timer will not turn if it isn’t heating on automatic cycle. When you get the heat back the timer will most likely work again.

If you have any follow up question please leave your model number.

Thank you,

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Shawn update:
by: Anonymous

I am glad to report the problem has been found with the dryer.This may help a lot of people in the future.As you know most dryers are 220 single phase voltage.I learned an important thing yesterday. I found out that a dryer will set there and run all day long with one side of the 220 breaker kicked out.You spend all day checking components as i did.I broke the first rule. Always check to see if you have proper voltage to the plug.My wife accidently tripped one side�of the breaker with a�plastic container under a cabinet where the breaker box is located. I hope this will help future self repair guys. Thanks for your help.

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