dryer not heating

by Randy

dryer runs but no heat vent is open it is a whirlpool


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Hi Randy,

Replacement parts in WHIRLPOOL GEW9200LW0

The problem is going to most likely be the heating element or one of the hi-limit switches on the side if the heater-can.

To access the heater-can disconnect power from the dryer and remove the little panel off the front of the machine. Then if you have an ohmmeter you can check for continuity across the heating element and the two thermostat switches. If one of the thermostats is open (no continuity) replace both of them, they come together as kit. If the heater is open replace it. Note that you must remove the wires off the thermostats and the heater before checking or you may get a false positive test.

If you do not have an ohmmeter pull the heater out of the heater-can and visually check the heater for breaks. If there is a break replace it and it there isn’t replace the thermostats. Note that the only way to know for sure if the thermostats or the heater is bad is to check them with an ohmmeter but typically you will be able to see the heater broken and if the heater isn’t broken more than likely the thermostats are the problem.

Thank you,

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