Dryer not heating

by Bob Denny
(Cedar Park,TX)

My whirpool dryer model number LER4634PQ0 heating element will not come on. The blower motor runs and bloxs cold air and not hot air. The heating element checks closed with ohmn meter and appears to be working fine. There are no breakes or evidence of circuit being open.

In addition, the timer runs but will not advance to cut off. I can manually move the timer dial and it will cut off. Please help. Thank you!

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Hi Bob,

The timer problem will go away once you repair the heating problem because the timer will not turn until the dryer start heating the clothes.

You should see two thermostats on the heater-can; one of these switches is more than likely your problem. You can check the thermostats with your ohmmeter and if one is open replace both. They come in a kit together as shown below.


Thank you,

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