dryer not heating

by rick brown
(new paris pa, usa)

kenmore by whirlpool model
#110.96580100 i purchased it in 1994
the heating elememt still no heat what next?

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Hi Rick,

There are three things that typically cause this the heating element and the two thermostats on the heater. Disconnect the dryer and remove the back of the dryer. Once the back is off you will see the heater on the right side with two thermostats. Disconnect the wires off of the element and check for continuity if it is open replace it. Then check from the terminal to ground and if you have continuity to ground replace the element. If the element is ok pull the wires off the thermostats and check for continuity and if one is open replace both (they both come in a kit). This page will also help Whirlpool Dryer No Heat

Thank you,

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