Dryer not heating

by Rutherford
(neptune nj. 07754)

model estate dryer 1/3 motor 4 cycle 3 temperature whirlpool dryer motor runs but no heat?

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Hi Rutherford,

The problem is more than likely the heating element or one of the two thermostats on the element. Check each one with an ohmmeter. If the element is open replace it and if one of the thermostats is open replace both of the thermostats. This page will help Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating

The heating element is located under the drum or on the back of the dryer. Without the model number I can’t tell you which one yours is.

Thank you,

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Jul 04, 2015
Dryer not heating again
by: Anonymous

Hi Shawn, I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post, but I couldn't find a place to create a thread and I'm in quite the jam. My dryer stopped heating, so I sent it out for repair. The loaner I was given then stopped heating after a few loads, and when I got mine back, it stopped heating again after a few loads. It has been on the same circuit for years, so I'm not sure why this is happening and I don't want to buy a new dryer, knowing the same thing will most likely happen. Any advice would be appreciated.

Jul 06, 2015

by: shawn

It sounds like you have a problem with your plug or the switch box in your house. You may need an electrician to help you out.

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