dryer not drying clothes fully...

by Robin

Even if I put my clothes in the dryer for an hour and a half, they are still damp... it takes forever to dry the clothes out... what are some problems I can look for... I live in the middle of nowhere, where there is no one to fix it but me...

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Hi Robin,

The first thing to check is the vent. If the vent is clogged the moisture has nowhere to go so the clothes will not dry or take a very long time to dry. If this isn’t the problem I will need the model number or at least the brand to help. Post a comment with this information and we will go from there.

Thank you,

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me too
by: Anonymous

I have this same problem with a 10-12 yr old maytag. My vents are all clear of lint so this is not the problem here. WHat else should I check?

Check Heater
by: Shawn/admin

Is it heating?

If not the first thing to check is the heating element. On a Maytag dryer that age you most likely take front off and the heater will be under the tub. Disconnect the power before taking the front off then disconnect the wires off the heater and check it with an ohmmeter. If it is open replace it. If it isn’t open check to see if the heater is grounded-out by checking for continuity from the heater terminals and ground if there is any continuity from the heater to ground replace the heater. If the heater isn’t bad check the thermostat on the heater-can the same way (make sure you disconnect the wires before testing).

If it is heating some but not enough there may be a bad operating thermostat. Still checks the heater just in case and if it is ok replace the operating thermostat. Operating thermostats are located on or near the air-duct.

dryer not getting hot enough
by: Todd

My Kenmore elite dryer is 5 years old and i have to use timed cycle for 60 minute 3 times to get towels dry. I have replaced all sensors and the coils. I have seen the flame come on and off several times, but the tempeture on normal cycle is barly above room tempeture and on high heat maybe 10 degree warmer. What Next

by: Shawn/admin

Are you sure you are seeing the flame and not just the igniter?

From here it is really hard to say because you have to figure out if the gas valve is loosing current or is there still current but it cannot keep the flame going. If it is not loosing current but the flame is going out then obviously the gas valve is bad. I don’t recommend trying to replace the gas valve yourself unless you have experience working with gas.

If it is not the gas valve then you have replaced everything but the timer. However the timer is expensive and confirming this will be tricky. If you have a wiring diagram you can trace where the timer sends current to the heater and test. If you lose voltage at the timer then you know the timer is bad. There is also the motor switch but it is highly unlikely (but not impossible) that it is causing your problem.

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