dryer making noise while running and then shuts off

I have a maytag LDE410 dryer. It won't start when I push the button, but will if I turn the tub. But then it starts to make a lud noise and shuts off after about 2-3 min. Can u please help?

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It seems like something is dragging this first thing I would check is the blower wheel. Often something will get hung in the blower wheel and this would cause the motor to have a hard time starting. If it does start there will be an overload on the motor it will overheat and cut off.

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by: Anonymous

That is what we thought too. Checked it and it seemed fine. Is it possible it is the pulley on the back side?

by: Shawn

It could be a bad motor take the belt off and see if the motor still has a hard time starting and makes the same noise. By taking the belt off you take the load off the motor and the only other thing is the blower. Make sure the motor can turn freely. If not you will have to take the blower off and see if it turns freely then. Let us know what you find.

by: Marina & Francisco

There was a huge clump of lint stuck in the blower. I have a cat so it must of been all her hair and everything from doing so much hairy animal clothing. When I took the massive ball out everything was back to normal. Thank You! Saved us a few hundred on buying a new one

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