dryer making a noise and shuts off

Whirlpool Gold model # GEQ8858HQ0

My dryer is making a noise when it is running and has a little of a burning smell. Then it will just shut off. It will not come back on for a little while. then it will just start back up. What do you think the problem might be?


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It sounds like the motor overheating then cutting off. Since it is making a noise first check the blower to see if there is something hung in the blower making the motor drag which can cause the smell and the overheating of the motor. The blower is located on the back of the dryer you have to remove the air duct down the back of the dryer to access it.

If you have no luck there remove the belt and run the motor without the belt to see if it does the same thing. If so the motor is bad. Note when you run the motor without the belt, run it on a no heat cycle.

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