dryer makes loud noise g.e. model DBL333GAOW

by nancy

My dryer starts making a tumbleling noise thats comes and goes. When you have it off and manually turn it you can feel the drum rubbing against something. It has been making a sqeaking sound for the past months and it seems that it just got worst. Whats going on?

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Hi Nancy,

Replacement parts in General Electric DBL333GA0WW Gas dryer

There are four bearings, three on the front that the drum rides on and one at the back/center of the drum. On this model the one at the back is most likely because the front bearing typically have to be very bad in order to cause a noise. A lot of times the front bearings will be completely gone and still not noisy but if the three bearings are gone replace them.

The back bearing is a ball that rides in a plastic cup with grease. When the plastic cup wears down to the metal holed the bearing will rub against the metal holder and become very noisy.

To access the bearing unplug the dryer. Then raise the top by pressing the clips in between the top and the front. Then remove the front by removing the screws at the top pointing toward the front. Then there is a yellow plastic piece in the center of the front that has to come off. Then lift the rear of the drum straight up to pull the bearing out of the cup. I hope this helps!

Thank you,

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and if it doesn't lift out?
by: Anonymous

I have this model and I'm pretty sure the bearing shot. I've done exactly as you describe, but the drum won't lift out. It's like the drum is still attached to something. There are the three screws in a triangle pattern at the back of the drum and some more screws on the back panel. There's also some sort of clip where the bearing likely is at, but all that is showing is the ENDS of two screws. Make sense? Anyway, what's keeping the drum from coming out? I can't find anything online. Thanks.

by: Shawn/admin

You have to lift straight up. Imagine on the back of the drum there is a shaft with a ball on the end and that ball fits into a cup but the ball is too big to go forward but it will lift out. If you still cant get it out there are two 5/16 screws on back of the dryer in the center directly behind the drum and if there take those two screws out the cup and all will come out. You can also take the screws out of the center of the drum. Either way you go is ok because you will end up having to remove these screws anyway to make the repair.

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