dryer heats even with door open but does not turn

why would my whirlpool dryer heat up even when the door is open but does not turn when you close the door.model LER4634PQ

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Replacement parts in WHIRLPOOL LER4634PQ0 29" Electric Dryer


The heater is most likely grounded out. When this happens the heater will heat all the time. When the heater starts heating all the time it will blow the thermo fuse because it overheats. When the thermo fuse is blown the dryer will not turn on but the heater will still heat because it is grounded out. You can check the heater and the fuse with an ohmmeter. Check out this page How To Use An Ohmmeter

Be sure to unplug the dryer until the repair is done and leave it unplugged during testing.

The heater and the thermo fuse are located on the back of the dryer. The thermo fuse is a small white fuse on the left near or on the air duct.

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Whirlpool Roper issues
by: Anonymous

We had this exact issue: dryer kept heating even when off. We replaced the thermal fuse (it was blown, they tested it at the hardware store) and we corrected the warped coil. We thought we had the problem fixed but it still will not run. Could the grounded coil have blown some other part as well? Is there a reset button? The other thing that isn't testing good on the ohmmeter is the start button. They don't carry this part at the local hardware store and said that this part never fails but the door sensor part does. We have not checked that yet. Any other suggestions??

The dryer is a Whirlpool Roper.


by: Shawn/admin

The grounded heater should have only caused the thermo fuse to blow.

The start switch should have continuity when the start button is pressed/turned. I almost never see a bad start switch but if it checks bad with an ohmmeter replaced it.

The door switch is more common and it should have continuity when the door is closed and if not replace it.

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