Dryer heats even on no heat/air fluff setting.

by Andrew Orsak
(Warner Robins Ga USA)

I have a roper RED4340sq1, i have changed both sensors on the heating element can & the blown fuse on the fan motor housing. I have not changed the cycling switch on the fan housing. It gets hot, but it gets hot & i can see the heating element glow red even on air/no heat setting.

The unit isn't very old, and didn't want to change the timer just yet. I did put a meter on the two wires controling the power to the heater, and during cool down i loose continuity. Any suggestions?

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Hi Andrew,

Replacement parts in WHIRLPOOL RED4340SQ1 29" Electric Dryer

The first thing you need to check is the heating element. What can and sometimes happen is that the element will ground out. This means that eh element will not burn out but will touch the side of the heater-can. This will cause it to heat even if the dryer controls are not calling for heat.

To check this disconnect the power to the dryer and disconnect the wires to the heating element. Place your meter to the highest setting and test for continuity from one of the terminals to ground (the heater-can). If there is continuity the element is bad, replace it. If you are uncomfortable using the meter you can remove the heater and look to see if the heater is touching ground anywhere.

If there is not post a comment and we will go from there.

Thank you,

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by: Andrew Orsak

Found broken heater element insulator allowing the element to ground itself against the heater housing, calling for heat all the time.

Check the element!
by: Anonymous

Yes, thank you so much for this thread. Our 3 yr dryer failed due to blown fuse on 'exit' side, dropped nearly $200 for troubleshooting and got that fixed, but then noticed (1) the heater was coming on even when dryer wasn't running, and (2) dryer was heating while running on air fluff mode. Called repair man on the phone and he said I needed new motor (centrifuge switch) plus a new temperature switch. I wasn't buying that I had 3 simultaneous but totally unrelated issues. Then I came across this thread, pulled out element, and sure enough, the element was warped and short circuiting against housing. A little elbow grease to bend it back, and voila, good as new! Probably will buy a new element for long term fix.

It was the element
by: Jon E.

I was working on my Maytag dryer that had blown both thermal fuses. I replaced them and when I tested the dryer I found that it was heating up even though I had it set on air/fluff. I found this thread, tested the element and found that it was shorted. On inspection I found a bent or warped heating coil.I straightened the coil and now my dryer is working normally again!
Thank you so much!



Hi Jon,

I would highly recommend replacing the element. One reason is that the place you bent the element back is likely to break but even worse is that it is likely to short again in the same place. This can be dangerous because it can heat when the dryer isn't even on. I wouldn't take that risk go ahead and replace the element.

Thank you,

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