dryer heating element will not cut off

i replaced the heating element in whirlpool dryer now the heating element will not cut off. what can cause this.

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If you are saying that the element is staying on even if the dyer is off then the most common cause is a grounded out element. Even if you just replace it this is the first thing to check for. Disconnect the wires off the element and test for continuity from the terminal to ground. If so the new element is bad.

If you are saying the element stays on the whole time the dyer is running then the operating thermostat is the most common thing that will cause this. There is a picture on this page that shows the operating thermostat (cycling thermostat).

Whirlpool Dryer No Heat

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Dec 15, 2015
heating element gets to hot.
by: Dan Macbeth

most all the information is about not heating. I put a new heating in now the element will not cycle off it gets so hot it burns the fuse to go off . I just can't find witch part i need to replace. can someone that had this happen please tell me how to fix it..Thanks Dan

Dec 18, 2015

by: shawn

The operating thermostat can be stuck and some models have relays that turn the heater on a off that relay may be stuck.

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