Dryer Flame kicking off and on

by Wayne Pieroni
(Brea, CA)

My Maytag dryer, Model MDG5500AWW, was staying lit for 10 seconds and kicking off for 20 seconds, then repeating that cycle causing extended drying time. I cleaned out the vent line and now it is lit for 60 seconds and off for 60 seconds and repeats this cycle. this still causes extended drying time. I'm thinking the thermal fuse may be bad. Where is the thermal fuse located on this model? Or, do you have other advice on what you think the problem is?

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Hi Wayne,

The flame doesn’t stay on long, on for 60 seconds seems about right to me although I have never actually timed one. The temperature of the air coming out the back of the dryer is more important than how long it stays on. If you take temperature at the back of the dryer with the vent loose you should see the temperature get up to around 185-200 degrees then the flame will go out and the temperature will go back down to around 120-130 degrees. Then the flame will come back on and do the same. Again I have never actually timed one but when I am testing temperature it seems that the temperature will rise at the rate of about a little less than two degrees per second which would make 60 seconds on about right. Most of the time the flame stays off a little longer than it is on but again I wouldn’t see 60 seconds as being abnormal.

If the thermal fuse were bad it wouldn’t work at all the thermal fuse is a one time thing when it fails you must replace it for the machine to work again.

Thank you,

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Nov 29, 2014
Kicking on and off
by: Danny

The flam on my whirlpool commercial quality dryer turns off and on about every minute. after about 10 mins the flam no longer comes on. Any suggestions?

Dec 02, 2014
Gas Valve Coils
by: shawn/admin

The gas valve coils are most likely the problem. If you can safely view the burner during operation you can confirm this. Some dryers have a small hole covered by a plastic cap for viewing the burner during operation for this purpose. If the igniter is glowing then turns off and the flame doesn’t light the coils are bad.

The part number for the coils that fit most models is 12001349 but you may have to look it up by your model number.

Dec 02, 2014
dryer kicking on and off
by: Danny

I replace the gas valves and it seems to be working great now.

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