Dryer Door will not stay closed

by Scott
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

How do I keep the dryer door closed on a GE gas dryer DCVH660GH. Can the door be out of alignment, or is there usually a slight spring action force on a closing door?

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Hi Scott,

Replacement parts in General Electric DCVH660GH0WW Gas dryer

There is a plastic door catch on the door and a metal peg that wedges into the catch to keep the door closed. Often the plastic part on the door will break and cause your problem. Here is the part I am talking about.


If this is not broken you may have something wrong with the door alignment or the metal peg may be broken. Lift up and down on the door and see if there is a lot of loose play and if so you may have something broken inside the door.

Thank you,

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Door Alignment
by: Anonymous

The GE Profile dryer door will not stay latched closed and seems to have excessive play in the door hinge assembly. Holding the open door, you can detect lots of upward/downward play. When closed, it may stay latched for a few seconds but then pops open. You can push on the closed door at top and bottom and hear the switch make/unmake. It only runs a few seconds and pops open. Been in place ~5 years and has always been fussy about door latching..., now getting to the point where it won't stay closed at all. Do I disassemble the door while still on the hinges? Remove the hinge and door assembly and disassemble?

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