Dryer Does Not Turn Off. Must be turned off manually.

My Whirlpool dryer - model LER5620KQ1 - will not turn off although the timer is set. It must be turned off manually. Also, the dryer is not heating properly and it takes a long time to dry a load of clothes. The vent has been cleaned and is not crimped.

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Replacement parts in WHIRLPOOL LER5620KQ1

The timer problem should go away once you get it back heating.

This is assuming it is not heating at all: Unplug the dryer and remove the back off the dryer. Once done you will see a heater-can with two thermostat attached to it. Unplug the heater and the two thermostats and test for continuity across each one with an ohmmeter. If one of the thermostats is open replace both thermostats (the come together) if the heater is open or grounded out replace the heater.

If you need help using an ohmmeter refer to this page

How To Use An Ohmmeter

If the dryer is heating but not heating enough and the vent is clear the operating thermostat may be bad. This is rare but does sometimes happen.

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