dryer cuts off.

GE Profile Model # DPSR475EWOWW
Given this dryer to give to couple or church is helping. Took it apart and cleaned the lint out and put on new belt and installed new guides or slides.
On high heat
First load did fine.
Next day, ran about ten minutes and cut off.
After a few minutes it restarted with the start
button. Did not touch the other controls.
Ran for a few minutes and cut off again.
Restarted a few minutes later with start button.
On medium heat.
Today tried it and it ran some ten minutes, cut
off for a few minutes and was able to restart
with start button. It was still running some 15
minutes later.

The dryer had bad seals around the blower opening. Put new gaskets on it there. The motor didn't have alot of visible lint on it, but cleaned it best I could without compressed air.

Roy Johnston

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More than likely the thermo overload on the motor is cutting it off. This is the only resistible safety mechanism on the dryer. The others are supposed to be one-shot deals so it wouldn’t go back to work. One dead give away that it is the motor switch is to stand near the dryer after it turns off. Every so often try to start it while at same time listen for a click and if you can start it back as soon as you hear the click then you can be almost sure the motor switch is causing the problem. If you tried cleaning the motor and this didn’t help then more than likely you will need to replace the motor to correct this problem.


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