dishwasher won't drain

by jim

my dishwasher won't drain it was working fine but i accidently put a pot over the wash tower now i don't know if i broke something or it is a different problem with the drainage they talk about a air gap how do i know if i have one i would appreciate any help you could give me i have a ge model gsd2300r00ww thank you

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Hi Jim,

Yours doesn’t have the piston valve, which is what I believe you are talking about when you say the air gap. Look under the dishwasher and attached to the pump you should see a black solenoid. When the dishwasher goes into drain the solenoid will pull down. If it doesn’t the solenoid is bad.

If the solenoid isn’t the problem then check the drain hose to see if it clogged. Also check where the drain connects to the sink.

Thank you,

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