dishwasher wash cycle won't stop

by MJ

Kenmore Quiet Guard standard model 587.15142401: Machine moves through the heavy wash and normal wash cycles; but once it reaches the light wash cycle, it keeps running and does not reach the quick rinse cycle. If I manually turn the dial to the quick rinse cycle, the machine completes the cleaning process.

New info: This only happens if the High Temp Wash option is in the "on" mode. I replaced the timer as suggested and this did not fix the problem. Any other solutions.

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Hi MJ,

When you select high temperature wash the washer has got to heat your water before the timer will advance. There are two things that could cause your problem one is the thermostat and the other is the heater. You can check the heater with an ohmmeter and if it checks ok replace the thermostat and if it is bad replace it.

Thank you,

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