Dishwasher starts then cuts off

by Eric
(Myersville, MD)

I have an Asko D3120 dishwasher that starts, runs for a couple of minutes, putting water in the dishwasher, then cuts off entirely. When hitting the start button again, it goes through the same motions. I've turned it off then back on and tried again, but it still does the same thing. Any thoughts on what the problem is? Thanks.

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Hi Eric,

I have no experience with Asko dishwashers. I did do a search on your dishwasher and your problem and the only thing I could turn up was this forum post Asko dishwasher won’t run

There was no repair talked about on this thread but one guy posted that he called Asko and they sent him instructions on how to find the faults and change the dishwasher from a sensor wash to a timed wash.

From what I gather this means that your dishwasher has a sensor that allows the dishwasher to only run while the dishes are still dirty and once they are clean it stops. This sensor is more than likely bad. Apparently there is a way to by-pass this sensor and change it over to a timed wash. This would be ok because this is the way most other dishwashers are to begin with. However if you find out how this is done and you do this the dishwasher will not be as efficient.

Thank you,

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