Dishwasher Quick, Light & Normal wash cycles do not work. Dryer light flashing

by MIke
(Atlanta, GA)

3 out of my 6 cycles on my dishwasher quiet partner II do not work. 1st it would not drain, i cleaned the drain tube and filter. Now the dishwasher runs and drains on the rinse only, heavy wash and pots/pans cycle. I have also noticed the dryer light is flashing. What can I do?

I have a whirlpool quiet partner II. I have had this between 5-6 years.


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Hi Mike,

The light flashing above a key indicates that the key is stuck. This is supposed to mean that the keypad is bad but this isn’t always the case. It can be the main control. Disconnect power to dishwasher.

Take the screws in the door out so that you can separate the inner door from the outer door and access the control.

You will see a ribbon connector that connects the keypad to the control disconnect it. Now put the door back together.

Leave the door open and reconnect power.

After five seconds you can close the door.

If the drain motor runs for two minutes the keypad is bad and the control is ok. If the drain motor does not run the control is still seeing the shorted keypad which is impossible because it is disconnected therefore the control is bad.

Thank you,

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