Dishwasher Not Running Repair Guide

Is your dishwasher not running? Fortunately, this dishwasher repair guide will guide you in repairing your dishwasher. These are the same steps I take in repairing dishwashers professionally. So read each section carefully and your dishwasher will be repaired in no time.


If your dishwasher is not running, the door latch may be the problem. The door latch depresses the door switch when you close the door starting the dishwasher.

On some GE dishwashers the door latch had a handle so you had to lock the door manually. Sometimes this handle would become rusty and you wouldn’t be able to move it to the latch position. In this, case you can try to loosen it with WD-40, but I would recommend replacing the latch.

On most others brands and GE dishwashers without the manual lock you just push the door closed and the door locks. Then when you open you press a release button. Normally if you hear a click when you close the door the latch is ok. If you don’t hear the click replace the door latch. Door latches can be purchased at


If your dishwasher is not running the door switch can be your problem. The door switch is not a common problem but to check them first disconnect power from dishwasher. Then open door and separate the inner door from the outer door. Once separated, you should see the door switch on the outer door then remove the wires from it. Using your ohmmeter , check to see if you have continuity between the two terminals when you depress the switch, if there is no continuity the switch is bad and needs replacing. On most dishwashers there are two door switches that are just alike, check each one as described. Door switches can be purchased at


On any dishwasher with an electronic control that is not running, disconnect power for 30 seconds or more. Then reconnect power and the dishwasher may start working again, if so replace the control. If not, you problem may still be in the control but check all other possibilities first then if you don’t find any other problem, replace control. This is because you will not be able to check the control. Same thing goes if you have a mechanical timer. These two parts are just process of elimination. These parts can be purchased at


If your dishwasher is not running, the motor may be your problem. Sometimes when you don’t use a dishwasher very often the motor gets stuck. When this happens you will hear a buzzing noise when you start the dishwasher.

You can check this by disconnecting power from your dishwasher then removing the bottom front panel. Once off you should see the main pump with a motor attached. Most of these motors will have a fan, reach under the dishwasher and turn the fan by hand a little ways. If the fan, will not turn replace the motor (note you may have to replace the whole pump as well). If the fan will turn, reconnect power and start the dishwasher. If the dishwasher runs use it but if the motor gets stuck again replace the motor. Dishwasher motors can be purchased at

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