by tim
(st louis)

GE model GSD3230 Z02WW
with your expert advise and instructions, i replaced the pump only on the unit. After I reinstalled the motor and new pump I turned the unit back on. The unit is not filling with water. I have advanced the timer manually a couple of times and still no water. The water is on to the unit. I have check to make sure that the drain float was still operational. I have noticed that the plunger on the solenoid drain does not move at all like it used to when I was advancing the timer. I have turned wires around on the terminal and checked again but no movement out of it and no water.
Help...I'm getting dirty looks from my trophy wife.

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Hi Tim,

Replacement parts in General Electric GSD3230Z02WW Dishwasher

I am assuming that you have already checked the obvious such as checking for loose connections. But just to be sure unplug the water valve and the solenoid and make sure they are plugged in correctly. Also did you reconnect the power? I am not trying to be funny I have been there (if someone is watching it is embarrassing unless I can play it off).

Other than that there is nothing you could have done if all you did was replace the pump. If you don’t find anything like that let me know and we will diagnose from there. The problem may be unrelated.

What was the washer doing before you replaced the pump? In other words why did you replace the pump?

Thank you,


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by: Anonymous

I replaced the pump because there was a leak coming from between the motor and the pump while it was running. After getting the motor and pump out it looked as though the nylon looking cover over the motor shaft had broken. The power is on and the water also. I have jiggled the wires and switched them around on the solenoid connection, as the wires will fit on the unit either way.(I don't know if this may have caused the problem to the solenoid drain). The motor runs but the pump arm on the solenoid does not go up and down like it used to prior to the pump replacement.


still no water
by: Anonymous

I was reading a little more on the subject. Do you think it could be the water inlet valve. I never did disconnect its wiring during the original repair. I did shut the water off though. I just got done removing it an blowing it out and all looked good, then replaced it and still no water. I am not an electrician so I have no way of checking it electronically. Is there anything else it could be prior to me blowing another $10?


by: Shawn

At this point there is nothing much else to check without checking electrically. If it was working before you took the pump off I can only assume something accidentally got pulled loose. Look for a loose connection and if you see one repair it. Otherwise you are just guessing (throwing part at it) and wasting money.

by: Anonymous

follow up report
3-30 packs of frosty cold beers and a lot of web surfing later
I poured a gallon of water into the tub of the unit and started it.
Go figure it started pumping water out and in.
The solenoid IS working.
Just guessing but maybe since I drained all of the water out of the tub during the pump replacement it needed to be filled so that it was primed.

Dont know dont care right now. As long as she cleans on the first cycle run by the princess I will be happy. "if mommas happy I'm happy"
The trick is to some how tell an Irish woman that a dishwasher is not a garbage disposal.

thanks for your help,
and if you have any advise in regards in how to splain to the Irish let me know.

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