Dishwasher not cleaning

by Britney
(Lake stevens,wa)

I just moved into a new house, and the dishwasher isnt functioning properly. It fills with water and seems to splash it around, but you cant hear it going through an actual cleaning cycle and once it says its done, the dishes are not at all clean. It seems there is no pressure to actually clean them? I took of the lower spray arm and filter and made sure nothing was cloged, it looked fine. not sure what else to do...

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Hi Britney,

I need a model number so I can look up your dishwasher to see what you got. Let it fill with a water and see if there is enough water (it should be at least 11/2 inches of water). Then you need to see if the wash arm is turning. This is tricky but this is how it is done. Open the door and take note of what position the wash arm is in. Then close the door and let it was for a few seconds and open the door to see if it has moved. Repeat this several times to be sure it is turning. Then make sure it is pumping out all the water. If it is not pumping out good it will be trying to clean with dirty water, which doesn’t work out so well. Let me know what you find along with the model number and I will tell you what needs to be done or what to check next.

Thank you,

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