Dishwasher leaking

by Dominic
(Scottsdale, Arizona)

I replaced the filter gasket assy on my GE GSD 5950D01CC. In order to do that the instructions said to remove the spray arm first. This, according to the instructions was simply a matter of turning the spray arm counter clockwise (" fifteen minute job").
Well that job took over an hour because the assy would not bulge.
After I removed arm and replaced gasket, I notice (when running the dishwasher) a very small leak from the center. I tried tightening the pump clamp, but leak persists.
Three questions:
1) How hard can I tighten pump clamp without breaking anything more?
2) Is there any kind of sealant that I can pour into dishwasher that will seal the leak? I have used a leak sealant on my Hot Tub, but am not sure if it is safe for dishwasher.
3) What else do you suggest?
The unit is about 14 years old so, I don't want to replace motor assembly, and being that I am on a fixed income, would rather not replace whole dishwasher.

Thank you,

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Hi Dominic,

If the got the clamp good and tight it should be fine. Typically if you turn it on tight with a hand nut driver it will be ok but if needed you can tighten it a little with a ratchet. If you over tighten it you can break the clamp.

There is a chance there is a hole in the coupling (that you are tightening the clamp on) checks that real well because it is very common for a pinhole to come in the coupling.

When you took the wash arm off I assume you unscrewed it out of the coupling that is leaking (the one with the clamp) you may have to just tighten up the wash arm. Down at the bottom of the wash arm you will see holes. Most of the time I take a screwdriver and put it in the hole to get leverage and turn it a little bit more that hand tight. Don’t over tighten this just turn it in by hand and try to turn it 1/8 of a turn more with the screwdriver.

If this doesn’t work you will have to replace the wash arm the coupling or both.

Thank you,

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Jan 12, 2012
Sneaky little leak
by: jon52cee

Recently having to fix a GE dishwasher which had a small but steady leak from it's lower ,left corner I had changed door gaskets after tightening the door latch to no avail.Checked the solenoid valve (left side also),etc...for 2 hours only to find the leak present and accounted for.
I returned the next day and ran my finger down the surface edge of the door that meets the gasket and accidently brushed over a fine,risen seam of plastic which is on all these particular GE models.I shaved the plastic off smooth and the leak stopped.

Jan 12, 2012
Nice Job
by: Shawn/admin

Nice catch this can a hard leak to figure out. The seam you refer to has been on all GE dishwashers for 40 years or so. However sometimes this seam is too big and you have to shave it off to prevent leaks. I have seen this about 5-6 times over the years so in my experience this is very rare.

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