Dishwasher leaking

by Yvonne
(Hastings MI)

Dishwasher leaking under the door after the water has come into the machine for the wash cycle. the dishwasher is a kitchenaid model number KUDS256HWH1 just over 10 years old

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Hi Yvonne,

Replacement parts in WHIRLPOOL KUDS25SHAL1

If it is coming out from the door there are a few things it can be. Here is what to check for: One when the washer is leaking look inside to see if the water has suds. There shouldn’t be more than ½ inch of suds and if there is this will cause it to leak. You either unknowingly got some kind of soap in the dishwasher that wasn’t dishwasher detergent.

Make sure there isn’t a hole in the wash arm that isn’t supposed to be there. If so, water will stray out in a weird direction and come out from under the door.

If the wash arm is loose water can spray under the door.

If you do not find any thing you will have to take the door apart and watch it with the cover off the door to see if the leak is coming from the soap dispenser.

If the leak is coming from under the dishwasher and not from the door ignore this answer and post a comment. But before you do so remove the cover off the bottom and see if you can see the leak and post where it is coming from.

Thank you,

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