Dishwasher Drain Solenoid Plunger not staying attached

by Adam
(Nova Scotia, Canada)

Had to replace the Drain Shaft Seal as outlined on your guide to correct a leak in GE Dishwasher.

Problem is, now any time the Drain Solenoid releases it actually springs the entire metal plunger right out of the hole and in most cases detaches.


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Hi Adam

The actuator shouldn’t turn far enough for this to happen. There is one of two things that could have caused this. One is you have the actuator on wrong. There is a picture on this page that shows how it should be GE Pump Leaking

When you removed the push nut the shaft could have gotten twisted inside the flap (flap in the pump) or the flap could have been pushed too far onto the shaft. This will allow the actuator to turn more than it should. I have done this repair many times and this has happened once. When it did happen I didn’t think I would ever get it right but I took it back apart and finally managed to get it adjusted correctly. I ended up having to take the pump off and working the flap from the top.

Thank you,

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