dishwasher discharges water out of vent

How do I stop the dishwasher from discharging water out of the vent?

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Which vent are you talking about and what is the brand and model number of the dishwasher? There are three vents on dishwashers; the vent that lets steam out the top of the door, the vent that is at the water inlet (where the water enters the washer) and there is a vent on some sinks for the drain.

If it is leaking at the vent at the sink it could be because the drain hose is practically clogged or the vent needs to be replaced.

If it is leaking at the water inlet vent this could be caused by crud in the inlet that will cause water to spray out the vent rather than into the dishwasher. If this is the case clean the vent water inlet out with a round file. If that doesn’t repair the problem replace the vent (if it can be replaced).

If you are talking about the vent at the top of the door a clogged wash arm typically causes this or a hole can be in the wash arm that shouldn’t be there. Both can cause water to spray in odd angles that can cause the vent to leak. Sometimes the wash arm will be stuck in one position and if it is in the right position it can force water out the vent.

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