did yearly filter replacement and now ice maker wont get water?

by Joe
(Seekonk MA.)

I have a kenmore model # 253.51392104 side by side all I did is replace the water filter And now my ice maker will not get water. The lines are not clogged and we can still get drinking water. It worked fine til the replacement please help

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Hi Joe,

Since the water dispenser is working lets assume changing the water filter had nothing to do with this problem unless you are not getting good water pressure then it could be the filter.

Pull on the ejector arm (the arm that forces the ice out of the icemaker) of the icemaker until you have turned it about ¼ of a turn, once done it should turn on its own. Just before the cycle is complete the water valve should energize and run water into the icemaker. If not replace the water valve.


You also need to be sure the tube that feeds water to the icemaker isn’t clogged with ice. I realize you checked this but I want to make sure you know that I am talking about the large tube that enters the back of the freezer not the small tube that goes down to the water valve.

Thank you,

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